Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Renaissance in Clinical Trials

As discussed in the previous article, the clinical trials industry today is in a rapid transition phase. As there has been a move from paper based to computer based system, there is an another era that clinical trials industry is all set to witness. Renaissance in Clinical trials is the buzz word.

This renaissance in clinical trials has anounced its arrival on the clinical world scenario by bagging the Bio-IT World, Best of the show award and is set to achieve much more and revolutionize the clinical trials process, by reducing the cost, time of study, at the same time assuring the safety and efficacy of the drug.

This renaissance of clinical trials which is set to revolutionize the clinical trials is the product named CT Renaissance from the brians of MaxisIT, which is a pioneer solution provider in the clinical trials industry. With CT Renaissance in hand the clients, customers or Sponsors,CRO can focus on the other aspects of the Clinical Trials leveraging the software needs on CT Renaissance. This ensured a complete success of the clinical study


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